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Children Are People Too

By: Dr. Sharon Fried BuchalterChildren Are People Too

Hardcover: 408 pages

Publisher: People Too Unlimited; 2nd edition (December 28, 2006)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0979120209

ISBN-13: 978-0979120206

About the book:

Children Are People Too is a revolutionary book that will change your life. It is the last parenting/self-help book that you will ever have to read. Dr. Sharon's fresh thinking and groundbreaking approach to parenting and self-help makes her book unlike any other on the market today. Dr. Buchalter uses her extensive background in management and psychology to help families achieve success and happiness. She has developed a unique program with proven results that she has used in her private practice, in her workshops and seminars, and in her work with corporate management.

In this book, Dr. Buchalter gives you simple, hands-on solutions that you and your children can use to discover the secrets to happiness and success. She combines real-life examples and interactive tools that will empower you and your children to reach your full potential. Dr. Buchalter shows you how to give your children a head start on the road to success.

Parenting can be the toughest and most overwhelming endeavor you will ever face, but it can also be the most rewarding job of your life. If you are seeking a common sense approach to raising happy and successful children in a loving and caring family, then this book is the solution you have been searching for. In Children Are People Too, Dr. Buchalter unlocks the secrets to a happier child AND a happier YOU.


  • "I highly recommend Dr. Buchalter Buchalter for national media appearances after hearing her incredible message."

    ~ Tonya Mock Producer AM Arizona

  • "Children Are People Too enters a new day in parenting. Dr. Buchalter's parenting concepts are ground-breaking and strikingly different from all other parenting books. It is the only book in print that directly empowers you to empower others. Her book opens undiscovered doors of opportunity and happiness in both parent and child. It goes far beyond all previous parent-child programs by reaching directly to the very heart of good, enduring parent-child interactions. Her book is realistic and complete, and it will be the last parenting book you will ever need."

    ~ G. L. Denney "Book Enthusiast" South Florida, USA

  • "Dr. Buchalter's 8 Step program for unlocking the secrets to a happier child provides to tools every parent is looking for. Her book empowers parents and goes well beyond typical 'how-to' parenting books …"

    ~ Harvey C. Parker, M.D. Author of The ADHD Workbook for Parents and The ADHD Handbook for Schools

  • "What a concept! Why not treat your kids issues with the same effective tools that we grownups use? This book throws "parenting" advice out the door and helps parents relate to their kids and teach them the same skills they use to grow and learn each day. This is a great book for parents who want to help their kids achieve the same peace, success, and self-esteem we are all looking for."

    ~ Amy A. Collins Cincinnati, OH