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  • Navigating the Holiday Hustle: Dr. Sharon B's Expert Guide to Stress-Proofing Your Season

    Enter the realm of mindfulness, with transformative practices tailored for the holidays. Uncover the art of being present, appreciate each moment, and navigate festivities with a calm mind. Learn to infuse mindfulness into holiday traditions by turning routine activities into opportunities for inner tranquility.

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  • Innocence Lost: The Haunting Legacy of War Atrocities on Children

    War, with all its brutality, spares no one. Children, in their fragile vulnerability, often bear the brunt of its cruelty. The scenes they witness, the experiences they endure, leave scars that may never truly heal. But how do we, as adults, navigate the treacherous path of discussing such horrors with our children? How do we shield them without shielding the truth?

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  • 5 Tips for Overcoming Failure

    Failure: an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success I’m going to start this off with some questions for you – have you ever failed at something? If you answered yes, why did you fail? Was it because you decided to just give up? From what I’ve seen, the only way to fail …

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  • Why Procrastination is the Ultimate Enemy

    There are many out there (like myself) who tend to procrastinate at times. You find yourself putting off work and getting caught up in countless minimal tasks. So how do you stop yourself from procrastinating and keep moving forward? I’ve got some tips for you. Tip #1: Always Hit the Ground Running Not knowing what …

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  • Five Steps on How to Pursue your Passion

    A few weeks ago I touched on how to Find Your Passion. But, what about once you’ve find your passion? Then what? That’s where it gets tough. Here are five steps on how to pursue your passion once you find it. Step 1: Wake up every morning and write down your plan for the day. Write …

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