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Empowering parents to understand, support, and nurture their child's emotional and behavioral development

Course Description:

As a parent of a child with special needs, you are faced with unique challenges and responsibilities. From understanding your child’s needs to managing challenging behaviors, it can be overwhelming to navigate this journey alone. This 4-week workshop is designed to empower parents with the knowledge and strategies needed to understand, support, and nurture their child’s emotional and behavioral needs.

Course Learning Objectives:

Week 1: Understanding Your Child's Needs

  • Understand different types of special needs and how they may impact emotional and behavioral development
  • Recognize signs of emotional and behavioral issues and when to seek help
  • Understand the importance of self-care for parents

Week 2: Building a Supportive Environment

  • Create a safe and nurturing environment at home
  • Encourage positive behaviors and communication
  • Set boundaries and consequences for negative behaviors
  • Build a support system with family, friends, and professionals

Week 3: Positive Reinforcement and Positive Discipline

  • Understand the difference between positive reinforcement and punishment
  • Use positive reinforcement in daily life
  • Manage challenging behaviors
  • Understand the importance of consistency and patience in discipline

Week 4: Managing Stress and Emotions

  • Identify and manage stress triggers
  • Use techniques for relaxation and stress management
  • Encourage emotional expression and understanding emotions
  • Set up a self-care plan for ongoing support

By the end of this workshop, parents will have a better understanding of their child’s needs, will be able to create a supportive environment at home, will have the t.ools to manage challenging behaviors, will have the ability to manage stress and emotions. The workshop is designed for a sophisticated and educated audience who wants to empower themselves with the knowledge and strategies to support their children’s emotional and behavioral.