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Positive Parenting Workshop

Positive Parenting Course Outline:

  1. Introduction
    • Definition of Positive Parenting
    • Importance of Positive Parenting
    • Course Overview and Learning Objectives
  2. Understanding Your Child's Development
    • Physical, emotional, and cognitive development milestones
    • Understanding your child's individual temperament and needs
    • Building a positive relationship with your child
  3. III. Setting Limits and Encouraging Self-Discipline
    • Understanding the importance of boundaries
    • Strategies for setting limits and consequences
    • Encouraging self-discipline and independence
  4. Communication and Conflict Resolution
    • Effective listening and communication techniques
    • Strategies for handling difficult behaviors and conflicts
    • Resolving conflicts in a positive and constructive way
  5. Encouraging Emotional Intelligence
    • Understanding emotions and emotional intelligence
    • Strategies for teaching emotional intelligence and empathy
    • Building emotional resilience in children
  6. Promoting Positive Self-Esteem
    • Understanding the importance of self-esteem
    • Strategies for promoting positive self-esteem
    • Addressing negative self-talk and limiting beliefs
  7. Interactive Exchange
    • Group Discussion and sharing of case examples
    • Self-assessment to evaluate the understanding of positive parenting
    • Interactive exchange of tools and ways to apply positive parenting in life
  8. VIII. Conclusion
    • Recap of learning objectives
    • Next steps and ongoing support

Throughout the course, participants will be provided with practical tools and strategies for applying positive parenting in their own lives, and will have opportunities for interactive exchange and self-reflection. The course could be delivered via an online platform, in-person or over the phone.

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Cost: $1500