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  • Amy A collins's Story

    What a concept! Why not treat your kids issues with the same effective tools that we grownups use? This book throws “parenting” advice out the door and helps parents relate to their kids and teach them the same skills they use to grow and learn each day. This is a great book for parents who want...

  • Harvey C Parker's Story

    Dr. Buchalter’s 8 Step program for unlocking the secrets to a happier child provides to tools every parent is looking for. Her book empowers parents and goes well beyond typical ‘how-to’ parenting books

  • G L Denney's Story

    Children Are People Too enters a new day in parenting. Dr. Sharon’s parenting concepts are ground-breaking and strikingly different from all other parenting books. It is the only book in print that directly empowers you to empower others. Her book opens undiscovered doors of opportunity and happin...

  • Tonya Mock's Story

    I highly recommend Dr. Sharon Buchalter for national media appearances after hearing her incredible message.

  • Anonymous's Story

    Dr.Sharon was able to squeeze a two-day presentation into one day and still meet our need to expose as many staff as possible to the prominent issue of mental health in the workplace.

    She ran the one-day sessions, back-to-back, for 5 days and maintained her energy and ability to authentical...

  • Anonymous's Story

    Mental Health related problems are one of the main issues driving disability rates in Florida and worldwide. Dr. Sharon facilitated her program to our staff and reviewed cases where mental health issues seemed to be the driving factor and reaming barrier to RTW. Her training was very inspirational a...

  • Anonymous's Story

    In my professional 30-year career, I have not yet met a leader who demonstrates resonant leadership until I got the opportunity to work with Dr. Sharon. She is genuine, authentic and a person with high integrity. This culminates into an inspiring leader and role model who others want to follow. She ...

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