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Training in the Workplace

Our training is interactive, allowing for firsthand experiences of skill development. We accomplish this in three primary components of our training which are psychosocial education, skills training and employer training.

Emotional Fitness at Work

Strategies derived from a cognitive-behavioral model are taught in the context of workplace issues.

Work stresses contributing to depression + the impact on work function of depressive symptomatology.

Facilitating Return-to-Work Programs since 1991

We have been involved in formalized rehabilitation committees for nearly 30 years primarily consisting of employers, union representatives, and employees.

Accommodation is designed in collaboration with the client,

The physician, the employer, the union and the rehabilitation consultant. This complex process requires a balance of understanding and knowledge from all key players which is necessary to guide the rehabilitation team toward a successful outcome for all parties in the rehabilitation process.

Our training is interactive, allowing for firsthand experiences of skill development.

3 Primary Components of our training

  • Psychosocial Education
  • Skills Training
  • Employer Training

Examples and stories are used to illustrate the application of "Emotional
Fitness in the Workplace" to work-related situations.

What We Utilize

  • Latest research and trends in mental health and the workplace
  • Successful outcomes of employee management and evidence-based interventions
  • Benefits of the employee assistance programs
  • Best Practices in the return to work and work retention
  • Practical strategies to support managers and supervisors to confidently engage with employees showing signs of mental health problems
  • Information and resources to support managers and supervisors to build a psychologically safe work environment for their employees
  • Education on how to promote managers and supervisors to remain vital and well themselves in the workplace
  • Accommodation and medical leaves from work

What To Expect

  • Psycho-educational: Understanding the signs and symptoms of mental health
  • Building an alliance with your employee
  • How symptoms manifest in the workplace
  • Accommodation: Rights and Responsibilities
  • Understanding the process; medical leave to return to work
  • Performance versus illness
  • Putting into practice the skills learned and developing effective management skills with measurable outcomes, through case studies, role play, etc
  • Learn how to assist employees while respecting confidential and sensitive information
  • Identifying barriers and developing accommodation
  • Developing health promotion and prevention in your workplace
  • Tools and strategies on promoting and creating not only a safe but resilient workforce
  • Hiring resilient employees


  • "In my professional 30-year career, I have not yet met a leader who demonstrates resonant leadership until I got the opportunity to work with Dr. Buchalter. She is genuine, authentic and a person with high integrity.

    This culminates into an inspiring leader and role model who others want to follow. She models the importance and balance of conducting business while being relationship focused. In her leadership role, she emanates trust and caring for her employees' growth by supporting their development and encouraging them to take the next steps.

    In every opportunity, she finds ways to highlight her employees' strengths while working towards getting them acknowledged within the organization and community."

  • Mental Health related problems are one of the main issues driving disability rates in Florida and worldwide. Dr. Buchalter facilitated her program to our staff and reviewed cases where mental health issues seemed to be the driving factor and reaming barrier to RTW. Her training was very inspirational and energizing, bringing lots of ideas with both substantial and in-depth knowledge.

    Case studies and sharing her experience made the course fully practice-oriented and applicable. The collaborative team management approach always focused on RTW where creative solutions created win-win situations for all participants."

  • "Dr.Sharon was able to squeeze a two-day presentation into one day and still meet our need to expose as many staff as possible to the prominent issue of mental health in the workplace.

    She ran the one-day sessions, back-to-back, for 5 days and maintained her energy and ability to authentically engage the attendees. An experienced practitioner in the field of mental health and a skilled presenter, she was well-received per all of our written feedback summaries and we won't hesitate to bring her back in the future to present to more staff."