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Don’t let your failures determine your path

Don’t let your failures determine your path

“Failure won’t kill you but your fear of failure just may keep you from success”

  • Cynthia Hass

Fear is innate to human nature. It is an unpleasant emotion that we tend to feel before we take any step just like doing something new. But should we let fear overcome us & stop trying new things?

Here are a few facts about why trying & failing are better:

  • Failing means being redirected from the path where you shouldn’t be. It can be frustrating to fail after getting the courage to try something unusual from your routine but it can also mean that this is somewhere you’re not ought to be and a brighter path is waiting for you to be taken.
  • Failure opens up a new opportunity If one is being redirected, then it means a new opportunity is waving. We cannot simply give up just because we fail because this world has endless possibilities that we could take advantage of. Mark Zuckerberg created more programs in the past and failed several times before getting successful with Facebook. Jack Ma’s job application has been rejected by different companies only to become the founder of Alibaba. The list goes on for the people who failed in a different area of their lives but succeed in the other because they did not give up.
  • Failure means getting another chance with better results Failure only makes your next chance easier, quicker, and surer. Just like how scientists work. Through conducting several trials, they were able to perfect their experiments which became easier over time since they are just correcting previous errors and it mostly leads to better results even after another chance is taken.

Every failing moment is like a chance for you to take a better shot. Knowing what works, what can work, and knowing what you are capable of doing is what makes failing beautiful. It is exciting knowing that with every failure, you are one stop closer to where you wanted to be. Failure won’t kill you but your fear of failure just may keep you from success. Just bear in mind that you must not let successes get to your head but also must not let the failure consume your heart.