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Why You Should Choose Your Social Circle Wisely

Why You Should Choose Your Social Circle Wisely

Your social circle, who you hang out with, and the people that you associate yourself with are the people that are going to not only impact you the most, but also represent you the most. These are the people that are going to motivate you, enlighten you and separate you from the crowd.

Creating a solid social circle is one of the most important factors in building character as a person and developing the experience and knowledge needed for evolving into the person you want to become. As a result, the people you choose to surround yourself with is extremely important and a decision you should think about.

Here’s is a Get Happy in 60 SecondsSM recipe for creating the perfect social circle:

  • Find people who have similar morals as yourself. If you don’t create a circle of friends who have similar morals as you, you may have more altercations than necessary because of the disconnect when it comes to the way you react to certain situations. For example, if some of your friends do not think its okay to have sex before marriage, but other friends do, that may cause to a disconnect to develop. When multiple disconnects intersect, an eruption may occur and that circle of friends will disperse faster than an ant pile being stepped on.
  • Find people who have similar goals and dreams as you do. When you have a circle of people who are driven by the same goal and aspiration, you will begin to push each other to get to new heights and accomplish new ventures with the same end goal in mind. Not only will that occur occur in your friendships, but business as well such as starting a new brand, going to the gym, eating healthy or traveling to new places.
  • Comfort is key. The ability to find people that you are comfortable around will allow for your most important trait to shine: the ability to be yourself. Being yourself is necessary for you to grow into a well-rounded person because you must be yourself in order to become yourself.
  • Trust. The last piece of the puzzle that must be incorporated into the perfect social circle is trust and its definitely once of the most important. If you don’t trust the people in your circle with your life they might as well not be there.

So, what to gather from all of this? It’s important to look around and see the people that you’re surrounded by. If one of the pieces of the recipe doesn’t apply to a person, it might be best to leave them in the past. Remember, you are only as strong as your weakest link. There’s really no time to waste in life, so why waste time hanging around people who aren’t going to push you to be the best person possible?

Hope you enjoyed my content and feel free to comment with any feedback or opinions! Go out and find motivated, positive and determined people to surround yourself with. You never know where the path might lead you.

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